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Our goal is to teach all young ladies from every walk of life and every ability level to understand and play roller derby. Roller derby teaches skill, camaraderie, and respect. We will continue to scrimmage against one another, as well as play a variety of leagues in sanctioned bouts. Roller derby is a full-contact sport. Therefore, we will develop skater skills, first and foremost. They will grow from non-skilled to full-contact hitting at the highest junior level as part of our program.

Since we have achieved entrance into the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA), it is our goal to maintain our membership in good standing. The league is what we as a group make of it. It is specifically FOR the skaters, run by Anna Phylaxis (Brenda Good) and Head Coach Darryl B. Payne (Jeff Good), with assistance from Gnarly Quinn (Sierra DeAngelis) and others. It is our goal to form a strong bond as a team structure, geared toward competition. Additionally, it is our goal to continually field fundraisers and procure sponsorship, which will assist in travel, supplies, initial uniform purchase, web maintenance, etc.

We strive to work with entry level of skating ability, from pure beginner to seasoned skaters, to maximize their skills and enhance the entertainment and enjoyment that they will receive from playing this sport. Our goal is to teach all that are willing to put in the hard work necessary to enjoy and fully understand this sport, while building relationships amongst teammates, coaches, and staff. Disrespect will not be permitted. Please be considerate of the league.

Sunday September 15th 10:30 pm
 Level 3 Only vs Littlle City (Johnson City, TN; ranked 16th in the World) @ Cleveland

Sunday October 6th 5:00 pm
 vs TBD at the Mitten Kitten Mash up Division 2 tournament vs Cap City
Level 3 Only.

Saturday October 26th 6:00 pm
Level 3 Only @ Cleveland Rockstars

November 16th 6:00 pm
 Level 2/3 @ Damzel Dollz

December 2nd
Levels 2 & 3 @ Cap City Mixed League Black vs Blue Scrimmages**

December 8th, 6:00 pm
 HOME 3rd Annual Jingle Bash Levels 1 & 2 only. Mixed league Red vs Green Scrimmage.

March 9th HOME 1:00 pm
 Double Header vs Hoosier Bruisers Level 2 and Level 3 bouts.

April 12th & 13th, 10:00 am
 @ Cheboygan, MI Spring BreakHer Out Tournament with River Town Juniors (Hosts as a part of)/Team Rip Tide, Cap City, Kingsford Track Brats, and the Darlings of Destruction. Round Robin (Three bouts to be played, One vs each other team participating.)

May 3/4
 Round Robin with San Fernando Valley-Fast Times (Los Angeles, CA) and Fort Wayne Derby Brats Varsity Level 3 vs both.

May 16/17th
 Level 3 Only @ Spring Roll (Ft Wayne, IN).


June 7th @  3:00 pm
Hoosier Bruisers (Anderson, Indiana) Double Header Level 2 & 3 Teams.

June 23/24 @ 10:00 am
 Great Lakes/North Central Combined Regional Championships.

JRDA Championships location/dates TBD.

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